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As debaters and coaches, we have always hunted for the “silver bullet” that will slay our debate monsters: the perfect meta-analysis, the unbeatable narrative, or the argument that is so inherently true that there is no response.  We learned that the elusive silver bullet was as much a myth as the monsters that it was designed to slay, but the aspiration of finding it pushed us to gain a deeper understanding of every topic.  Thus, we created Silver Bullet Briefs with two goals in mind: 

First, debate provides an invaluable opportunity to learn, and we hope to advance that opportunity.

Debate teaches competitors not only to research and prepare, but to think on their feet and consider solutions to real-world problems. It teaches young people the significance of viewpoint diversity and awareness. Most importantly, it leaves competitors with the power and confidence to advocate for themselves – to argue for the things in which they believe. Silver Bullet is an extension of debate. We believe that true success does not come from the evidence that a debater reads. Instead, it stems from the knowledge that a debater can reap from that evidence, and the story that they can tell using it. SBB is not meant to provide an endless stream of redundant evidence, but to give debaters a deeper understanding of each topic and the real-world issue behind it.

Second, we hope to level the playing field.

Debate is an unequal activity.  Gender minorities are less likely to win rounds and participate in the activity in the first place.  The same is true for black and Hispanic debaters, as racial stereotypes and implicit biases limit their success.  The structure of the activity has also made debate increasingly inaccessible.  Tournament entry fees, travel and hotel expenses, private coaches, summer camps, and even tournament attire are only available to those with the means to afford them.  While the advent of online competition has alleviated some of these problems, it has created others.  Competition now requires stable internet connection and access to a personal computer.  All of these factors have made debate inaccessible for many.


We created Silver Bullet Briefs as a way to increase accessibility to debate.  Therefore, while SBB intends to sell debate briefs to those who can afford them, we will provide our briefs at a reduced cost to those who cannot, AND we will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of these briefs to organizations that increase equity and access within the debate community, such as the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues.

Let’s make a difference together.

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Peter Paik
“Each card is cut carefully, and the A2s and indicts are sharp, if not devastating. “
OSDA Hall of Fame Coach
Bob Dolan
“Excellent research and citing of sources.“
Director of Forensics
Peter Paik
“SBB is a brief like no other, and I strongly encourage all PF teams to use it and learn from it."
OSDA Hall of Fame Coach

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