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Peter Paik

“The first Silver Bullet Brief is outstanding! The SBB team has raised the bar for PF briefs with their high quality work. Here are the warrants and evidence for my assessment: SBB will truly help all levels of PF debaters. First, SBB is user-friendly for novice and intermediate debaters because the background essays are clear and succinct and SBB doesn’t just list arguments, but fully explains them, why they are important, and how they can be used in a round. Second, more advanced debaters will appreciate the high quality of the thinking in the arguments and the high quality of the evidence. To use a bit of jargon, each card is cut carefully, and the A2s and indicts are sharp, if not devastating. 

I normally urge my own debaters not to use any briefs because they are inconsistent at best and actually counterproductive at worst, because all of them are geared toward the national circuit style of PF. But, thankfully, SBB is different. Not only does it focus on the real world and arguments that would come up in real discussions, it also emphasizes the narrative, traditional style of PF debate that is what the majority of PF debaters (and judges) throughout the country actually do. In short, SBB is a brief like no other, and I strongly encourage all PF teams to use it and learn from it.”

Bob Dolan

Organizing the Brief by Arguments is very helpful, especially for novice debaters who often don’t understand the “why” of the argument.  Excellent research and citing of sources.  The links to the full articles are especially welcome.